Why We Promise Quality & Value to Your Family


Why We Promise Quality & Value to Your Family

We get it. In the midst of busy schedules and hectic days, it is becoming more difficult to gather your family around the table. We grab breakfast to-go as we rush out the door to get kids to school, and in convenience throw snacks in the car on the way to after-school practice. Sometimes our only moments to connect with our loved ones is at mealtime, when we return from a long day of work, school, and running errands. It’s a time to gather, to enjoy, and to savor the food and the people at our table. We want you to take in this sacred time with your family by providing you with the best, wholesome ingredients for your favorite meals.

Golden Star has always stood on two basic principles: Feed other families what we would feed our own, and provide these families with the best quality and value possible. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of both value and quality around your family table. That is why we choose as a family food company to share our family values of togetherness, healthy-eating, and top quality products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. From providing our family of employees with sustainable jobs, to giving our customers high quality food, we have you and your family in mind from beginning to end.

We understand your desire to give your best to the ones you love. You may be a mother, father, sister, uncle, or friend, but no matter your title we are all connected to others in specific relational roles. Sharing a meal has always been a communal act, bringing people together and sharing our best and favorite foods with others, creating memories and conversation centered around a meal. Recipes are passed down from generations and exchanged at parties and small gatherings. We want to make sure our products align with your desire to give your best– adding both quality and value to your family.

It is generally assumed that high quality demands a high price. Yet, our heart is to make our products of value accessible at an affordable and reasonable price. This allows more families to add their favorite ingredients to their best-loved meals and ultimately have reason to gather.  Our rice, fruits, vegetables, and specialty products are all guaranteed from sustainable and socially responsible origins and packaged fresh at harvest season so you have our best at your family table. No longer do you need to choose between high-quality and fair-priced products. We guarantee to give you both, so you can focus more on the value of your family gathering around the table-sharing meals with healthy ingredients while creating lasting memories.

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