Because It’s Right, Not Trendy


Because It’s Right, Not Trendy

At the end of the day, there is no point to the work we do if the way we do it leads to the suffering or regression of others.

At Golden Star Foods, we are committed to providing our employees, both overseas and in the States, with above-average wages, paternity leave, and other benefits– ensuring that their well-being is a top priority. This has been our commitment from the beginning of our journey, and it will continue to drive our decisions for the future.

Somehow, so many business owners forget that operating a socially responsible company, means paying attention to everyone involved. Too often, we hear of sweatshop factories or working environments where people labor  for low wages, little or no benefits, and often, without  a choice, due to the lack of job opportunities in their community.

Our commitment to care for our employees has been an evolving process. Early on, our founder, Chris, saw for herself workers who regularly carried 100 lb. bags of rice up steep hills for the production process. She immediately knew this was a problem as the health and physical well-being of her employees was at risk, and acknowledged that improvements needed to be made.  Chris was one of the first in the food packaging industry to suggest a conveyer belt to transport the rice. Simple changes like this have allowed us to protect the health of our employees, as well as save time and money which can both be invested back into our employees.

Social responsibility is more than a social movement. It is our standard to excellence for our employees and for you. A company should not be committing to social responsibility because it is the most trendy thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do.

One of the most arrogant things we can do as business owners is assume we have the right to cause other people to suffer in order to receive a profitable product.We are committed to provide high-quality products at a reasonable value to our customers and we believe this is possible because social responsibility is a core value at Golden Star. The effort we invest into caring for our employees and environment will have long-term, immeasurable effects for a better future.

We are thankful to have a family and company committed to caring for each other and providing families with the best food and value possible.

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