The Best From Our Factory To Your Family Table


The Best From Our Factory To Your Family Table

You deserve the best for your family, and that requires us to provide the best for our family of workers.

In the food packaging industry, it is too common for companies to disregard high standards for production because they know the customer will likely never know their methods.

We are called to a higher standard.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality food, and that requires us to have the highest quality factories and system of production regardless of the industry norms. When Golden Star Foods started over three decades ago, we refused to work with factories who were not regularly audited and certified by the leading quality control organizations (HACCP, ISO, BRC, SGS, GMP), and we continue to hold to this standard today.

Every few months there are new stories of factories around the world that have some malfunction or overlooked health code and one of two parties suffers–the customers or the workers. We believe this is unacceptable and we are confident there are better ways to operate. By refusing to work with a factory due to unsafe or unsanitary working conditions, we show our employees we care for their well-being and show our customers they deserve the best.

Today, our facilities operate with safety protocols which make us unique in our industry. We require our employees to be trained in skill-sets like fire safety and CPR. Our employees  deserve to have a voice where they work and we make every effort to provide the environment they need to thrive.

As consumers in North America, it is easy to buy what is on the shelves in our stores without much thought of food origin or production.  But what if you knew that the products you were purchasing were going towards empowering workers’ lives overseas, rather than exploiting them? We deeply believe you deserve to bring products home to your family that help provide for families overseas.

Golden Star will always be committed to providing the best facilities to bring the best value to our employees and customers.

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